Store Brand Diaper Review: Publix

A big thank you to reader Amanda Morris for submitting this thorough review of “improved” Publix-brand diapers.

This is my first-ever generic diaper experience. My 26 lb. 14-month-old outgrew the “absorbency” on size 4 diapers way before she outgrew the weight (who knew such a thing could happen) and a mere 26 diapers in a jumbo pack was what pushed me over the edge.

I am a fan of all things Publix. I buy their generics with confidence. I have steered clear of their diapers however because the review on Baby Cheapskate was less than favorable.

On a recent shopping trip however I was delighted to discover they had supposedly “improved” their previous product. The box claimed promises of “accordian stretch” and a new “dry lock layer.” I may have still refrained from temptation if it were not for the fact that between an Advantage Buy coupon and a Publix Baby Club coupon I took home a box of 64 size 5 diapers for $10.99.

My first impression was “Wow, these are big!!!” When placed next to a size 5 pampers they are actually almost equal in length, yet the shapelessness of the Publix diaper makes it look especially long. The design was simple – and quite cute, in my opinion. The leg gathers did not seem very elastic (but bear in mind I have spoiled myself with Pampers, the seeming Cadillac of diapers, for the last 14 months). I do not notice any particular smell, but I have never really been phased one way or another by this characteristic. The waist band tabs are very similar in material as the tabs on Huggies, but with the limited stretch of Luvs. They are large though – and therefore easy to work with. They stick better than Huggies and are easy to remove and re-stick. The diapers are thick like a Huggies Natural Fit, yet they have that non-cloth-like feel of Luvs.

I was very nervous about my first “trial run” with this diaper. I have a fair-skinned red-headed baby who seems to be sensitive to EVERYTHING. They fit great. The legs didn’t seem to gather tightly around her chubby little thighs yet their seemed to be such an abundance of coverage in general that I felt confident already. It seems I was right. We have used these diapers hard core for the last week and I am beyond impressed. They don’t seem to absorb and “pull” waste away as the magical Pampers do, but they cover so much area that everything stays inside (safely tucked away). We have had no mishaps what so ever. I do change them more often than I would a Premium diaper because I do have concern that the waste is touching her skin. Yet there are no irritations to date.

All in all, I would definitely buy these diapers again. Only if I had coupons, however, because the price doesn’t really justify going against my personal favorite. The box of 64 would have been $18 had I not combined the two coupon offers.

They are for all intents and purposes a very dependable diaper. I am curious to know how much their “changes” affected my experience versus the prior Publix review on Baby Cheapskate, but hopefully they did make a legitimate attempt at bettering their product.

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  1. Mary says:

    I had thw complete opposite experience. They leaked almost everytime and they seemed stiff and uncomfortable. I returned them last week. I do not recommend publix diapers at least size 2.