Diaper Review: Wegmans Supreme

Big thanks to BC reader Cara for this thoughtful review of Wegmans Supreme diapers.

Wegmans Supreme diapers are available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1: 8-14 lbs (44 in a Jumbo)
  • Size 2: 12 to 18 lbs (40 in a Jumbo)
  • Size 3: 16 to 28 lbs (35 in a Jumbo)
  • Size 4: 22 to 37 lbs (30 in a Jumbo)
  • Size 5: 27 pounds & over (26 in a Jumbo)
  • Size 6: 35 pounds & over (22 in a Jumbo)

I paid $7.50 for a Size 3 Jumbo pack of 35 diapers at Wegmans.

L to R: Luvs, Pampers Cruisers, Wegmans Supreme, Huggies Supreme

First Impressions
People in certain areas in the East are very familiar with Wegmans. The grocery store chain prides itself on high-quality store-brand products. The chain tries to match the product quality of the leaders in the market. Knowing this, I had no qualms about trying their store brand diapers. The package claims the diapers are “super soft” and feature “stretch-with-me fit”.

Once opened, the diapers were quite soft, though still papery, and it became clear that Wegmans was trying to match Huggies Supreme diapers with this brand. The decorations on the diapers were from Shrek the Third. The diapers seemed a bit stiffer than the Huggies brand, though the lining itself was soft. Comparing the sizes of the Wegmans diapers with other brands, I noticed that they were a shade larger than Huggies, though smaller than Pampers. The diaper certainly felt sturdy enough for adequate containment.

In Use
I used an entire Jumbo pack of these diapers. We did not need to vary our changing routing during the day because of this diaper as it was absorbent enough to last a full stretch between changes.

My son runs very long and somewhat heavy for his age, so we would not have been able to use these diapers for long. They were fairly wide between the legs, but short on the back. One feature I missed in these diapers was a stretchy tab. The sides themselves were stretchy, but the tabs lacked the necessary give to make this diaper useful for my son much longer. The tabs did stick to the diaper very well and the diaper did not get undone.

One thing I did find out very soon was that the diaper was just absorbent enough for daily use, but started leaking through at night. I tested this diaper right around the time when my son started sleeping through the night, and this diaper definitely could not keep up with other brands for nighttime absorption. After a few nights of wet onesies, I started using this diaper only during the daytime.


  • Non-irritating
  • Soft lining
  • Good daytime absorbance
  • Cute, but subtle, Shrek decoration


  • No stretchy tabs
  • Expensive for a store brand
  • Not long enough for my tall son
  • Not absorbent enough for overnight use

In Summary
I was moderately satisfied with the Wegmans store-brand diapers, but would not buy it over Pampers or Huggies; after coupons, sales, and deals I can get my preferred Huggies for the same price or less. If I did not have a stockpile of Huggies/Pampers, I would pick these diapers up in a pinch because they performed well during the day.

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  1. Casey says:

    I’ve been using Wegman’s diapers, pretty much since my son was born. They had coupon out which got you a bag of 46 size 1 diapers for .99, and to be honest, I liked them better than pampers for the same reason the person above did. I can’t stand how obnoxious the smell is.

    MY son’s now almost 4 months and I haven’t had any problems with leaks yet, although we’ll see once he starts moving around.

  2. Achlee says:

    I just bought these last night to try them out. When I opened the package, there was not any smell like the Huggies have. They are very soft, they do not feel as thick as the Huggies do but feel really durable. My daughter can sleep up to 12 hours so I figured that would be the real test. When I got her up the diaper was extremely full but there was not any leaking. Her jammies were not wet. When I opened the diaper I did notice that her skin was a little wet but I always put cream on her before bed just to be safe. These diapers are half the price for a big box compared to the Huggies little movers I was buying. I’ve used Huggies since she was born but I’m going to purchase a big box of these and see how it goes.