7 Space-Maximizing Tips for a Mini Nursery

Whether your nursery is as tiny as this one or you’re trying to fit more than one kid into an average-sized room, these tips should help you maximize your space:

Skip the changing table. Affix a changing pad to a small dresser. Many parents just use a changing mat wherever it’s convenient and safe.

Think small. Choose smaller furniture. A mini crib saves space. There are even cribs made to fit in the corner if that’s the only spot you have. Think skinny with your storage. A tall, narrow dresser won’t take up as much space as a low, wide one.
Use the walls: hang shelves instead of using a bookshelf.

Think high and low for storage. Slide A rolling bin under a crib (or a choose a crib with a shelf underneath). Even cute vintage suitcases would work. Create storage all the way up to the ceiling with shelving.

Max out your closet space. Use the space under those tiny clothes hanging in the closet for shelving or drawers. Install a second overhead shelf in the closet above the one that’s already there for items you don’t need to access frequently (next season’s wardrobe, for example). A hanging shoe rack on the back of the closet door (I like the ones with clear plastic pockets) can hold everything from socks to extra diaper cream.

Hang it. Install a row of hooks on the back of the closet door and/or bedroom door. Store clothing, diaper bags, etc.

Hide it. Store items out of sight and minimize clutter to make the room feel more spacious. No need to display items, toys or clothing your baby isn’t ready to use.

Get inspired. Check Ohdeedoh’s Smaller Cooler Nursery posts for design ideas. That’s where I found this handsome postage stamp of a nursery.

What are your best tips for saving space in the nursery?

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