Top Diaper and Formula Deals of the Week

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Premium Brands

You’ll find a few Huggies coupons in today’s SmartSource coupon insert: There’s one for $1 off Little Swimmers, One for $2 off Pull-Ups, one for $1 off Pull-Ups wipes, and one for $1 off a Little Swimmers sun care product.

  • HOT! At Kroger, Save $3 when you buy $15 in Huggies products in a single transaction using your shopper’s card. Jumbos will be $8.99. Buy two and use two $3 coupons and you should get them for $4.49 each. That’s .144 ea. for size 3 Little Movers.
  • HOT! Huggies jumbos will be $8.99 at RiteAid. That’s .193 ea. for size 3 LMs. There’s a $5 off $20 (or $5 off $25)  coupon at Video Values and a $5/$25 at RedPlum. Save your receipts! Buy 5 Huggies jumbos at RiteAid 4/25 through 7/24 and get a voucher for a free jumbo.
  • Huggies big boxes are $19.99 at RiteAid (.223 ea. for size 3 LMs with a $3 coupon). Spend a penny more and use with the $5/$20 or $5/$25 Video Values coupon for a stockupportunity (as little as .15 ea. for size 3 LMs)
  • Big boxes are $19.99 at Kroger. Use one $3 coupon and you’ll pay .18 ea. for size 3 LMs.
  • Huggies big boxes will be $18.99 at CVS. You’ll have a stockupportunity with one of the $3 Qs (about .21 ea. for size 3 LMs).
  • Huggies big boxes will be $19.99 at Target. Buy two and get a $5 Target gift card. Use two $3 coupons and you’ll pay .19 ea. for size 3 LMs (if we treat the gift card like cash).
  • Little Swimmers are $6.99 less $1 in Register Rewards at Walgreens. Combine with the $1 off coupon in today’s SmartSource.
  • Pampers jumbos are $8.99 at Walgreens. Buy $25 of participating products (Pampers, Tampax, Always) and get $5 in Register Rewards.
  • Luvs jumbos are $6.99 at Target.

Store Brand Diapers

  • Big boxes of Publix diapers are $16.99 through Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your location.
  • CVS brand megas are BOGO 50% off.

Formula, Milk and Baby Food


  • Shop at RiteAid? Sign up for the new Wellness Card to earn points towards extra savings. Upcoming circulars list prices only good for shoppers with the card (like Extra Care at CVS).
  • Don’t forget, Amazon now has coupons!

Ongoing Deals


  • Pampers should be $8.99 at CVS next week.
  • Huggies should be 2/$18 at Walgreens with 2 in Register Rewards when you buy two.

So what are the best diaper and formula deals in your town?

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  1. Mo says:

    Thanks for the breakdown. You might want to edit your CVS pampers deal with Register Rewards to say WALGREENS. Just FYI.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Angie says:

    LOL. Thanks!

  3. Sarah says:

    I can’t find the Huggies video value coupon at Rite Aid. Does anyone see it?

  4. Angie says:

    I’m not seeing it either, though my circular says there is one. Mysterious. I’ve removed that from the post to avoid confusion.

  5. Krissa says:

    I seem to be missing the $1 Rite Aid Video Values Huggies coupon. Not sure if that’s a local thing like how other coupons work.

  6. erica says:

    Hi, Just started potty training. Would you please give some tips on buying pull-ups? Do stores generally accept the same diaper brand coupons for the pullups (pampers/huggies)? Do pull ups generally go on sale when the same brand diapers do? Any other tips appreciated. I’ve had to stop my stock piling of diapers because I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be using them. Thanks for all the diaper tips along the way.

  7. Tabitha says:

    Was the Kroger deal advertised? I saw a Pampers deal where you can get $4 off a $25 transaction but not a Huggies deal.

  8. Krissa says:

    I also cannot get the Red Plum $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon to print. You can clip it and no matter what I’ve done, it won’t print. Guess I’ll sit through the Video Values!

  9. Jade =) says:

    I have a question! I received a bunch of the Enfamil $5 checks for formula. I’ve never had to buy formula or used these types of coupon/checks before. It doesn’t say anything about only using one per purchase…. can you use more than one for one can of formula? Seems too good to be true, so I don’t wanna go up to the register and look like an idiot trying to get free formula. Haha. Thanks.

  10. Angie says:

    Tabitha, Your Kroger region may have a different deal. I’m the southeast. Where are you?

    Jade, You can only use one check per can of formula, but you CAN use a check with a manufacturer’s or store coupon for formula.

  11. Tabitha says:

    I’m in Texas… Bummer, cause that would be a good deal.

  12. kiedlog says:

    Question for mom’s out there: I’m planning to stock up on huggies diapers from Rite Aid, but I’m not sure what size to buy. When did your babies go from size 4 to size 5?

    My boy is almost 9 months old, about 28 inches tall, and chubby. He’s been in size 4 diapers for a long while now. Do I have to worry about him outgrowing size 4 before he turns 1?

    Is the fit for Little Movers different than Snug and Dry?

  13. Jill says:

    Has anyone been to Kroger to see if the Huggies deal is good on Newborn size? I see the ad says size 1 and up, but thought it might be a mistake?!?!

  14. SArah says:

    My two year old is still in size 4 kiedlog! And I never can get redplum to print either Krissa.

  15. Laura says:

    If you’re near a Fred Meyer (kroger store in pacific NW), there is a coupon in their circular for $7.99 huggies jumbos, limit 2. I combined this w/ 2 of the $3 off coupons (making jumbos $4.99 each) in 2 separate transactions and each time a $3 off a future Fred Meyer purchase printed out. Awesome deal!

  16. Val says:

    kiedlog, my 14 month old is about to move into size 5. He’s a big boy, and I’m just finishing up on all our size 4s. He was 25 pounds at his 1 year appointment.

    With my (now 3 year old) daughter, she was in size 4s until she was potty trained, but she was always pretty petite.

    Hope that helps! I’d say stock up on size 5s!! I have a ton already, but that’s all I’ve been buying during the last few sales.

  17. Debra says:

    Has anyone had issues using the Huggies $3 printable at Kroger/King Soopers? My King Soopers in Colorado won’t accept printables that are over $1 (as of 6mos+ ago), stating that they have too many cases of fraud.

  18. rebecca says:

    Just FYI, my Kroger has the Kroger Comforts brand of diapers on sale for $4.99 this week! Pretty good deal, although not as good as the Huggies deals. I prefer Huggies, but thought someone might be able to use this info!

  19. Jessica says:

    Our Kroger has Comforts for $4.99 too. We are in Ohio.