Q&A: Best Store Brand “Pull-Ups”?

BC reader Becca wants to know, “is there a good off-brand Pull-Up”?

When my son was potty training, we had good luck with Target brand disposable pull ups and later with those old-fashioned cloth ones with the waffle weave. Those premium training pants with the “cool” gel or “wetness indicator” just didn’t do a thing for my son. I’d say that what will work for you depends on what stage of potty training you’re in. If it’s the early stages, where your toddler still pees in them, you’ll want something absorbent. If it’s the later stages, and you’re dealing with the occasional small pee or poop accident, you can get away with something more like traditional undies.

What do you think, readers? Have you had any luck with store brand disposable training pants? Which do you recommend?

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  1. Kasia says:

    I really think the best for us was during the summer (and using babylegs when it was cool) we took our oldest camping and she watched the women go begin the trees and she wanted to go too so we let her all week. After that, we switched her to Targets “pull ups” for a week, then those cotton training underwear. The main thing was keeping constipation away and keeping a tab on her at all times, best if she was within arms reach of me bc I felt more in tune with her breathing, eyes, etc. Gonna do the same with this baby.

  2. JoEllen says:

    Forget about “pull-ups” just another type of diaper(waste of money)
    ….go all out and put them in underwear if your wanting to potty train them 🙂

  3. D.K. says:

    We found that our daughter didn’t respond to any disposables. As long as she was wearing them, she didn’t want to potty-train. Once we got rid of them and switched to real underpants and used padded cloth trainers when she was more likely to have an accident, it was like a switch was flipped to the “on” position in her mind. When our younger child is ready to potty-train, I doubt we’ll use any disposables. I feel faint when I realize how much money we wasted trying to potty-train in disposables! (We used Pull-Ups, Easy-Ups, store brands, you name it.)

  4. Julie says:

    We had GREAT luck with the Kroger brand “pull ups” the boy version has/had firemen and police men on them so my son was thrilled with that, and they didn’t leak at all. To me they were almost identical to the Huggies version.

  5. nicole says:

    I really like the Target brand because they have the tear-open sides like Pull-ups, but at my store they’re only about 50 cents cheaper than name brand. I haven’t found another store brand with the velcro sides like pull-ups. However, both walgreens and target brand hold up overnight for my daughter.

  6. Sarah says:

    When we potty trained, we went straight to underwear during the day (or for outings in those early weeks) and we still use pull ups at night. I LOVE the White Cloud (Walmart) training pants. They seemed a little softer and fit my guy better. They also have the tear away sides.

    • Rmenda says:

      I use cloth training pants during the day (although doesn’t seem I’m getting anywhere with that either) and pullups when we go out. I use huggies pullups cause its the biggest size pullups that i have seen. My 3yr isn’t fat, but the 2T-3T pullups are just almost too little 🙁

      I tried 100% pullups and she just used them as pretty diapers to poop and pee in and that is too expensive.

      Don’t have a target, kmart ,sams close enough to try their brand of training pants.. Only walmart and dollar general. I look at grocery store brand but their biggest sz was 2T .

  7. Karen says:

    We are using real undies during the day and CVS brand Pullups for sleep and going out. Tried the Huggies Pullups first and they gave my daughter a rash. The CVS brand has the velcro sides and a cute froggy design that she likes.

  8. Carolina says:

    Target pull ups/trainers are better than “pull-ups”. I’ve found them chemically more sensitive, also the “goodnights” are more like underwear and also are a little more gentle. I like the Dora Easy ups by pampers for my daughter.

  9. Julie says:

    Target! Hands down the best. We tried Walmart and Walgreens with so many problems from leaks to rashes.

  10. Tammy says:

    I believe when a child is ready to potty train they will let you know. I have 5 kids(2 are still in diapers) and all my oldest didn’t potty train until 3 yrs old. They all let me know they were ready. When I tried pullups they didn’t help before my oldest was 3. She just used it as a diaper. After I gave up and waited till she was ready I only used pullups if we were travelling and at night. I liked the waffle underwear with a plastic pants over them. Worked so much better because they know when they have peed in them.
    I am hoping my almost 3 yr old will train this summer, as easily as my others. But each child is different 🙂

  11. Kelly says:

    CVS and Target were our favorite generics, the other brands didn’t even begin to compare. I find now that I can usually buy brand name pull ups with coupons and/or Register Rewards much cheaper though with a little planning. As far as potty training I do agree with others as they are pretty much useless, but we only use them for night time. Not all kids are ready for night time training when they are ready for day time training.

  12. I’m anxious to hear everyone’s responses b/c my youngest is still wearing Pull-Ups though she’s making it to the potty about 75% of the time. My son liked the Rite-Aid brand but that was a long time ago and they were like Pampers Easy-Ups (no velcro sides) but I know they’ve redone theirs so I’m not sure if the new ones have velcro or not. (Basically, I’m no help!)

    I wish Pampers still made First Steps, they were diapers with stretchy sides you could pull up and down but had the absorbency of a diaper. Anyone else remember those?

    My son trained late (almost 4 1/2) so it was the same package quantity to buy Pull-Ups instead of diapers. I’ve found I can usually get a better price over generic by matching sales and coupons. Pull-Ups has (with registration) a $2 coupon you can print twice each month (once you print, hit the back pull down menu/button until you see the first print coupon and click that one to print again). Also check out each Pull-Ups special like DVDs sent in the mail, always includes coupons! 🙂

  13. We are using both Walmart’s and Target’s, and now both have the velcro sides (thought Walmart is switching, so you have to check the packages until the stock runs out). Those are easier when she’s wearing tights–taking everything off each time can be a pain. Both fit her very well, absorb well, and don’t irritate her skin. She’s tall for her age, but slim.

    For those commenters who had luck with skipping pull-ups, good for you, but not everyone does. My daughter is proving very difficult to potty train, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING everyone has told me to do, including all the things you’ve suggested, with no luck. Going back to the cloth diapers at this point makes her feel like a baby, which she assures you she is NOT. Her self-worth is more important, IMO, and she’ll finish training when she’s ready. We’ve been through tthe gamut already, including the withholding and constipation, etc. This is one thing we just can’t force. The pull ups make it possible for her to go on the potty when she can, but when she has an accident, we’ve had virtually no leaks/blow-outs with Target/Walmart pull ups. She’s hit or miss, but she’ll get there. And as a bonus, she can change her own wet ones, so it saves me a lot of bother. I have a newborn, too, so any things she can do herself are helpful for me.

    So to wrap it up, don’t feel guilty for using them. That’s why they were invented. Not every kid is easy to train–and that’s just fine! She will get there in her own time; no one wears diapers to college.

    • Bonnie says:

      Well said! I am having the same difficulty with my youngest of 3. My 2 older boys were easy, but this one is a challenge! I have no problem waiting till he is ready, my biggest issue is his size. He is huge! only 2 pounds and one clothes and shoe size smaller than his middle brother who is almost 3 years older. So far the Goodnights for older kids are the ones that fit best with room to spare, but I was hoping maybe one of the store brands might work for us too…Any advice on size and fit?

  14. Melissa says:

    We used Wal-Mart’s White Cloud brand “pull-ups” almost exclusively with our second child (having switched from Huggies Pull-Ups with the first). They are nice and soft and we never had problems with leaks, even overnight.

    • sunny says:

      we used the white cloud also and they were great. absorbant enough for accidents, but still felt wet so the kids didn’t use them like diapers. i do think every kid is different…hang in there!

      • theresa says:

        cvs sleep comforts work well for my son.they are plain white,absorb well,and when cvs diapers are on sale these usually are on sale.p.s.all children are different i tryed using real underwear doesnt work w/him and all summer has been cold over here cant keep him underdressed for potty training.

  15. Heather B. says:

    Winco training pants hands down. They cost about .27 a diaper for the 4T/5T size and are super absorbent. My daughter is 2 1/2 and very large boned. They do not have tear away sides, but I change my daughter w her standing up now-a-days. Just wish there were more Wincos around. I just moved and lost my supply 🙁

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