$50 Petunia Picklebottom Bags at Target

Whoo hoo! While I am still shocked that 21% of you spend more than $100 on your diaper bags, I am equally as happy to deliver this news: Petunia Picklebottom has designed a line of diaper bags for Target. There are two styles available,(shown above), and they’re priced at just $49.99.

Free shipping when you spend $50, too.

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  1. Karen says:

    oh sure, now that I’ve spent $$ on not one, not two, but three PPBs…. they come out with a target line!!! oy! how to convince the husband I *need* one of those too?

  2. Stephanie Veal says:

    So I was in the market for a new diaper bag and you post this. I went to Target and got one! It is so nice, big and roomy too. Just what I wanted!!! Seriously a great bag!!!

  3. Ann Wilson says:

    Angie, is there a good time to buy a Sunshine Kids carseat? I need one in the next month, and am wondering if (like the Britax) they go on sale at predictable times…. thanks so much for such a great site!

  4. Samantha says:

    WOW! I did not know that target carried them, oh well, I already spent over a hundred dollars on mine and I love it. Thanks for the heads up.

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