Uh Oh. Diaper Prices Going Up

Kimberly-Clark, maker of Huggies, is raising prices on diapers and wipes beginning June 19 and lasting through about September (source). Citing (as they always do), rising energy and materials costs, KC says they’ll up prices by around 7%. That’s around a dollar per jumbo. Most families who use premium disposable diapers can add up to $100 or so to their diaper budget.

When KC and P&G have hiked diaper prices in the past, they’ve done it two ways: by shrinking the number of diapers in a package and keeping the shelf price the same, or by raising the sales price.

Last time an announcement like this was made by Procter & Gamble or Kimberly Clark (in mid 2008), the other company made a similar announcement shortly thereafter. Keep your ears open and let me know if you hear anything from P&G.

To look on the bright side, Amazon Mom pricing has helped parents score better deals on disposables than they have at any other time since I’ve been blogging. Even without the fabulous magazine coupons (which Amazon seems to be phasing out), parents can easily get jumbos for way under $6.

Other ways to combat the diaper price hike? Use cloth diapers or try store brands.

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  1. MelRae says:

    By June, we should be in intense potty-training mode. Good thing I just ordered some Dappi vinyl training pants. He will have to wear them whether he is ready or not!

  2. Well, it’s not April Fool’s Day so I’m guessing this is a real post. I’m glad my youngest is about potty trained but uh oh for shower gifts and general giving to church and other organizations! 🙁

  3. Amanda says:

    Our first little one is due to arrive October 25th. Hopefully Amazon includes some coupons in the April issues coming up that I get so I can stock up on some more before the arrival of our baby. Between amazon mom, subscribe and save and the 20% off coupons I’ve been getting 50% off deals on the already low prices on diapers. Fingers crossed that P&G does not increase their prices as well!!

  4. Melissa says:

    thank goodness I have stocked piled and baby is not even due until May.

  5. Anyone have anymore spare coupons?

    I am a single mom of twins with limited income.


  6. sarah says:

    Id be leary of stocking up on diapers you cant easily return in advance of having your LO. You never know if your baby will be able to tolerate a particular brand or how long they will be in a size. Just my .02

  7. Bren says:

    @ Sarah. Agreed. I bought way too many size 2s thinking that I was “saving” money. Yikes.

  8. Jenell says:

    When does Amazon plan on phasing out the coupons? Will they still be doing them for another month or so, or is this the last month?

  9. Danielle says:

    When I went to CVS to get Pampers last week, there were boxes of both 76 and 64 (size 3) and in size 4 there were boxes with 64 and 54. It seemed as though they had already reduced the amount of diapers and my CVS just had some left over. But maybe I’m wrong?

  10. Noreen Smith says:

    This is why I use Cloth Diapers! I have saved over $2000 JUST by using cloth!! It’s easy and fantastic and they are adorable!!

  11. Catherine Brown says:

    Wooo hooo! Haven’t bought a sposie in nearly a year! Cloth all the way. My next one is due in August, and I probably won’t use the free disposables in the hospital! Oh and did you know you can make it by on cloth for $50 from 8lbs to 30lbs? Maybe $300 if you want the fancy cute ones. Total- not monthly. Its waaay easier than I thought. I don’t know how you sposie users afford it.

  12. @Sarah: Agreed! I stocked up on size 3s, since the general consensus seemed to be that size 3 was where most babies stayed the longest, and we ended up blasting through that size fairly quickly and left with a stack of 3s in the closet, which we ended up donating.

    Obviously that wasn’t all bad, as someone out there was able to benefit from it, but — I’m with you. Don’t go overboard on stockpiling something unless you’re sure you’ll use it!

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  13. suzstar says:

    Well, I actually figure that I have saved money by using disposables over cloth. Based on the amount of diapers my baby used, and all of the crazy fantastic deals that sites like babycheapskate have helped me to get, I haven’t spent much more than the start-up costs of a nice cloth set. Furthermore, water costs where I live are very high, and energy costs where I live are soaring, and laundry detergent is not cheap by any means. So by not having to wash and dry all those extra loads of laundry that cloth diapers create, I calculate that I have actually SAVED money using disposable over cloth in the long run. 🙂

  14. MelRae says:

    If you find that you have stocked up on diapers you cannot use, you can easily sell them on Craigslist. Just offer them for the price you paid for them (maybe half of the shelf price?). Some mom who does not “coupon” would be happy to pay $4 or $5 a jumbo pack!

  15. bcg204 says:

    I stockpiled on size 1 and 2 before my son was born and I ended up selling many boxes on craigslist and I lost money on the deal. He is now 8 months and in size 4. My daughter who is almost 3 is in size 5! So its hard to tell what kind of body your child will have and stockpile. We use target diapers and wipes which are awesome. The diapers contain everything and I think they are just as good as pampers at half the price.

  16. susan says:

    I have found that most places will let you exchange diapers for a different size so i have a huge stockpile of size 3 and can always exchange them for size 4 when we outgrow them.

  17. danielle says:

    I just got an email from Amazon that the size 3’s I buy from subscribe and save has changed, both in diapers and cost. I was paying $40.88 for 204 size 3 Pampers. The new count is 222 for $44.40.

    Nearly $4 dollars for 18 more diapers sounds like a price hike to me!!!

  18. MomtoC says:

    Suzstar – please explain further how in the world you think you have saved money using disposables over cloth. There is NO way unless you received most of your diapers for free.

    I cloth diaper and I helped my SIL start up. She spent $200 for everything she needs to diaper from birth until 35 lbs. This includes 30 one size “pocket” style diapers, cloth wipes and 6 various sizes of wetbags. She washes the diapers every 3 days and her water bill has never gone up even 1 cent. She washes the diapers with Tide Original Powder, same as her regular laundry, so with an exta 2-3 loads per week sure she will need to buy more soap a little more often but not enough to matter on the cost. When she is finished having babies she can resell the diapers, wipes and wetbags possibly making up to 75% of her original cost back. This would mean it would have cost her $50 to diaper her children! AMAZING and no chemicals against her babies skin and no diapers in the landfill.

  19. MomE says:

    I over stocked on size 3s at Amazon. But they have a ONE YEAR return period. I had to return 10 boxes! Never had one issue with the returns. They were even FREE! Unfortunately I lost the codes I used on them, but I had more too. Amazon is the place to buy. Great prices and easily returnable!

  20. Kelly L says:

    I’m not sure but i got my April issue of Parenting the Early Years today and there is no Amazon coupon in it! So, I’m guessing March might have been the last month for coupon codes.

  21. WC in NC says:

    Here’s an article re: P&G’s price increases, including Pampers & Luvs.

  22. Sabrina Currier says:

    All I have to say is THANK YOU AMAZON!!!!
    I have stock piled on diapers for sure!!! And even if I have too many of one size…and not enough of another…I can TOTALLY sell them for half their shelf price and MAKE MONEY!!! Here is what I have been able to get using Amazon Mom, Subscribe and Save, and their LOVELY coupon inserts (Compliments of magazines from BRU and BCF)

    Newborn: 168 diapers for $0.00
    Size 1: 432 diapers for $4.32
    Size 1-2: 234 diapers for $2.89
    Size 2: 552 diapers for $7.77
    Size 3: 816 diapers for $9.04
    Size 4: 1072 diapers for $8.63
    Size 5: 952 diapers for $4.75
    Size 6: 512 diapers for $1.04

    I have my LO due on May 23rd! =) All stocked up and ready for him!
    I have so many of Size 4 and 5 because I have a 14 month old who is very tall and slender and grows out of sizes much earlier even though she is usually 4-5 pounds under the max limit. The consensus is that most babies don’t make it to size 5 and 6 before potty training…but I’m certain my daughter will at least make it to size 5!!

  23. Audra says:

    Not EXACTLY right. She/anyone else could re-sell them on criagslist for a few bucks off the original price at the time. If they go up in price and she got a deal on them, she’s make a profit of a few bucks.
    I sell my extras all the time. I sold some for a dollar off most. Also since I got from amazon, I sold them for more than a $10 profit. Then anyone could buy the right size with that money. Also I’m not sure but about diapers, Walmart takes returns up to $25 without receipt!!! Whether you bought from walmart or not doesn’t matter.

  24. Callie says:

    You might be surprised on the savings. Our water is extremely high, but we’ve noticed a less than 5% increase in our water usage and NO increase in electricity from before we cloth diapered. I wash my diapers with vinegar, and only a tiny amount of soap. All of my diapers fit in a single load. I have not bought a disposable diaper in 7 months! Cloth diapering is much easier than I thought it would be. No stressing about prices, no worries about running out. And no chemicals on my baby’s skin. I used to believe the same as you, that the water/electric/soap costs would counteract any savings, but I was wrong. I never pay retail for anything, especially diapers, but theres simply no way I can compare, disposables are a money hole, cloth is not, even with upkeep.

  25. Emily L. says:

    Me, either. I’ve been scrounging for Amazon coupons. They weren’t in the last two months’ of Baby Talk or American Baby. Sad!!

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