Craigslist Finds: 5 Popular Baby Gear Items at 45% off Or More

You can save tons on baby gear by snapping up items second hand via yard sales, consignment sales and stores, etc.  One of parents’ favorite ways to do that is through their local Craigslist boards.

Here are five popular baby gear items currently listed on Craigslist boards around the country. Each of them is listed at 45% off or more off the price of the item new.

  • Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker: $15 (Atlanta)
  • BOB Revolution. 2010 model. Rarely used: $180 (Ventura CA)

Tips for shopping on Craigslist

  • Always check for recalls before you head out.
  • Check items carefully for safety before you buy.
  • My two favorite ways to search Craigslist are and
  • Arrange to meet the seller in a public place or take a friend with you.

What can you find on your local Craigslist board? What’s the best bargain you ever scored via Craigslist?

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  1. Zee says:

    I love Craigslist. What HAVEN’T we purched on there!? I’m pretty sure the best deal we scored was a barely used chocolate leather Lay-Z Boy recliner. It was our salvation after our previous (cheaper quality) one stopped reclining, which we had purchased because we were having our first child. I say the Lay-Z Boy was our salvation because we purchased it about a week before we had our twins. My husband was so excited that he could comfortably rock our baby girls to sleep. 🙂 But honestly, we went to Craigslist for more than half of our baby items and we still do for toys and such. They’re almost always in excellent condition! I definitely recommend going to Craigslist for those baby items you will only need for a few months before your baby outgrows them.

  2. Heather Z. says:

    I really used to love selling my things on Craigslist but there have been a lot of craigslist crimes in my area lately (people robbing people they go to buy things from; setting up ads and then robbing people who show up to buy something etc) and I just can’t do it anymore.