Where to Find Sippy Cup Replacement Parts [Updated and Expanded]

BC’s article from 2008 about where to find sippy cup replacement parts has been one of the blog’s most popular posts. Enjoy this updated and expanded version:

Bottle and sippy companies must make a lot more off of selling whole sippies and bottles than off of selling parts, given that replacement parts are ridiculously hard to find.

When my son was younger I kept a basket in my pantry filled to the brim with lid-less sippies because my son bit the lids until the plastic started to peel off and we had to throw the lids away. The cups were still perfectly good, however, and I refused to put them in the landfill. Instead I ordered a bunch of replacement lids.

You may be the same way, or say you find a pristine looking cup at the thrift store (hey, that’s what boiling water’s for) but it’s missing a valve. Order some and you’ve saved some change.

Here’s where you can pick up replacement parts for your sippies. If you can get free shipping, you’ll really be saving money:


  • Playtex sippy cup valves and Playtex bottle nipples are easy to find. Amazon sells them.
  • Try calling Playtex at 1-888-310-4290 for replacement lids and straws.


  • OXO Tot Replacment Valves are available at Amazon.


  • Nuk Spillproof Cup Replacement Valves can be found at Amazon and elsewhere.
  • Thee Spillproof Cup silicone spouts can also be found at Amazon.


  • Baby Earth has Gerber Spillproof cup Replacement Valves.


  • Avent non-spill cup handles, spouts and more are available from Philips Avent.

Born Free:

Dr. Brown’s:

  • Try calling customer service at 1-800-778-9001.

Foogo by Thermos (Sippies and Straw Bottles):

  • Call Thermos customer service at 1-800-831-9242 for replacement parts

Kleen Kanteen:


  • Replacement Straws can be purchased at Amazon
  • You can find replacement valves at Diapers.com.

Safe Sippy:

  • Safe Sippy Valve and Gasket Replacement Packs and Safe Sippy 2 replacment parts can be found at Amazon


  • Nuby Gripper Sippy Cup Replacement Spouts are sold at Diapers.com
  • No Spill Silicone spouts are available at Amazon
  • Flip tops for cups are available at Amazon


  • Sigg water bottle replacement tops, gaskets, replacement dust caps and more are available from MySigg.com

The First Years Take & Toss Cups:

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? When all else fails, call the manufacturer and/or check eBay for replacement parts.

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  1. Kristen H. says:

    Thank you so much for updating/ reposting this!! I am in the exact situation with my 2 year old – tons of Nuby/ Munchkin sippy cups with bitten through silicon spouts – and of course she’ll only drink milk with the silicon spouts :/ I’ve wanted to write the companies and ask them to sell replacement parts – but now I know that they already do!

  2. Tiffany K says:

    I’ve seen valves that look like they would fit playtex cups at babies r us.

  3. Jennifer Young says:

    Thanks for posting this–very helpful! FYI – as of today, the replacement straws (which includes both pieces) for the Thermos character funtainers are $1 each, with $3 shipping.

  4. jkl says:

    I can no longer find replacement straws for Playtex sippy cups on Amazon. So far, a half hour of online searching has not yielded any sources. The hunt continues…

  5. Jen S says:

    I too have been looking long and hard for the Playtex straws with no luck. Appears the Playtex store site is down right now. If not up tomorrow, I’ll try the phone number. I have 6 perfectly good cups but the straws are shot. Hate to fill the landfill with good cups just because they don’t have replacement straws available anymore.

  6. Lynn R says:

    interestingly enough, the playtexstore.com is still offline……… me wonders if they are trying to discourage the purchase of the replacement parts. I’ll try to call them in the next couple of days and see where it goes.

  7. Summer Davis says:

    I called the number listed above: 1-888-310-4290 and they answered the phone Ever Ready ??? anyway, this is Playtex and they will send up to 3 replacement parts (straw and valve) for free. They will provide a reference number at the end of the call. I am so delighted, just hope it’s the right part.

  8. Maureen says:

    I also called the number and was pleasantly surprised when they said they would sent me 3 complementary lids! Thanks for the tip

  9. Greta says:

    Thank you very much!! I was feeling sad and almost gone to buy a new sipi cup, just for one missing part that i can not find. It seems that the sipi cup fairy took it (lol) and as you know, iti s the favorite sipi cup, soo THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Sara says:

    Call playtex customer service!!! They will send you replacements for free!!!

  11. Nancy says:

    I was so excited to see replacement straws for the Take n’ Toss cups, as I hate to buy all new cups and recycle the old ones just to get new straws even though they are so cheap. However, it’s not cost effective to order the replacement straws if that is all you are buying from the site. A 4-pack of straws is $1.99 (almost as much as a new set of 5 cups at Target, but worth it to help the environment), but shipping to my location was going to be $5.95! So it would have cost me about $12 to get 12 new straws versus about $6 to buy two new 5-packs of cups with straws.

    So it’s only going to be worth it if you can somehow get free shipping, order something else from their site to help offset the shipping cost, or go in with a couple of other moms on a bigger straw order to make the shipping worthwhile. Looks like it’s still the recycling bin for our cups, plus a crackdown on my straw-chewing daughter. 🙂

  12. Amber Wildfire says:

    The klean kanteen sippy spouts are just avent sippy replacements, which are easily gotten at bru. (As long as you have the piece that it snaps into)

  13. Nan says:

    Playtex won’t mail replacement parts to Canada-period. So if you are Canadian, might as well toss the cups in the landfill since replacement straws are impossible to get.

  14. WendyJ says:

    Thanks so MUCH for this really helpful post and also to the ladies that commented. I will have to call for replacement straws since my son loves his Playtex sippy cups, both the straw and the spout ones. He’s 3 and they are great for his little “butter fingers” as the cups themselves are in great condition after lots of hard falls!

  15. Rachael says:

    Any idea where to get replacement CAPS for wide mouth bottles? We use bornfree, and while I appreciate that I can easily find the nipples and rings, the lid is what we always lose. I have 8 bottles and 0 caps after 3 years of use.

  16. Janet says:

    Thanks for the information I just called Playtex and they will send two lids and straws for free! So excited, website is still down but I called and didn’t take more than three minutes.

  17. Melissa says:

    I just called and it said “Energizer Personal Care” but once I was connected to someone, it was Playtex. They were super friendly and are sending me 5 replacement straws (top and bottom pieces)!!! I should receive them in 7-10 business days!!! Thank you so much for the information and comments!

  18. Margaret says:

    Nuk soft spout, no handles white with clear valvue can be found at meijer.
    Playtex clear double valvue can also be found at meijer.

  19. Rebecca says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!! The dog ate a bunch of sippy lids and I refused to buy the 5yo more cups! I called playtex and they are replacing the lids for free! THANK YOU!!!

  20. Ashley says:

    I still.can’t manage to get replacements for my son’s sippy cup with the squishy made from munchkin. I.don’t need the straws nor the vault. I really really need help on this.

  21. tina says:

    will they send the replacement valves for the sippy cups?? The daycare my daughter goes to has lost them.. UGH..

  22. Chrissy says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I just called and got three replacement lids for free!!

  23. Bek says:

    I have boy/girl twins. I just called and spoke with the rep who is sending me 3 boy colors and 3 girl colors! So, 6 replacement lids at no cost! Hooray!

  24. Melissa says:

    Really need the gerber graduates replacement lids that are soft. My 3 yo chewed them up. Now I have 6 without lids. I see the valves for Gerber but no lids. Any ideas? I cant stand the thought of buying more and throwing these perfectly good ones away!!! Plus I have a 1 1/2 yo using them too.

  25. Melissa says:

    Anyone know if another type of lid will fit the gerber graduate sippy with the soft chewable lid? It can be a hard one … if it works! 🙂

  26. Cybele says:

    Disappointment for me, First years (Nuby) is no longer carrying the replacement lids for the insulated sippy cups. I called and talked to a sales person and they said it wasn’t “cost effective” . I am so bummed! I guess I have to throw them all out. Lame!

  27. Chelsea says:

    That is lame! I have a ton of The first years insulated sippy cups. I guess I won’t be buying anymore of them. At almost 5$ each, it is really upsetting that they don’t sell replacement lids.

  28. Liz says:

    Just call or email customer service. I emailed them and they kindly sent me 5 new lids for my insulator cups. No charge. Super nice and easy!

  29. Liz says:

    I meant to say they were Platex insulator cups. 🙂

  30. Julia says:

    Is there any way to get replacement lids for Tommee Tippee cups? I emailed them because the spill proof drink cup lid was destroyed in the dishwasher. But they replied that they do not sell cup lids separately.

  31. I just did some checking and was not able to find a source for replacement lids, unfortunately.

  32. Andrea says:

    I am In need of the rockers/ flip part for my Munchkin click lock and mighty grip flip straw sippy cups. Any where to find these??

  33. Vicky Englert says:


    New spot to buy the Playtex replacement parts. 🙂

    (Even the straws) Playtex wouldn’t send any out at all

  34. Gary says:

    mybrands.com/playtex Finally found the replacement straws for the playtex sippy cups 9.95 for 6 straws

  35. Diann Scaffidi says:

    Just spoke to Playtex and they said they contracted All Brands to handle replacement parts for them and transferred me. Nice women at both companies but it costs $9.99 for 6pk of the top part of the straw and $8.89 for 6pk of the bottom straw. Decided that a new cup might be the better choice.

  36. jen a says:

    I called Tommee Tippee and they graciously sent me replacement valves.

  37. Jennifer C says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I just bought top valves ($9 for 6 valves) and bottom straws ($8.89 for 6 straws) for my insulator cups. The price is worth it to me to not have to buy all new cups. Thanks!

  38. Jessica says:

    Happy to say, I just called Playtex and they are sending me 5 new sippy lids because I have 10 sippys and 3 lids. So excited to have some new ones!! Thank you for this resourse!

  39. Rachel says:

    I lost a straw for our Playtex sippy cup and have been looking for a replacement.

    I ran into your info here, and did a little further research and found this for playtex replacement parts:


  40. stefanie says:

    Do you know if they sell the replacement valves anywhere? I am desperately trying to find them. Daycare seems to be on a loosing streak with the valves.

  41. This is a great round. Thank you! And for those who don’t want to spend on replacement straws, here’s a DIY fix for at least some of the straw cups: http://hintmama.com/2014/01/24/todays-hint-a-diy-fix-for-lost-or-broken-sippy-cup-straws/

  42. Sharon says:

    Thanks so much, this is so very helpful. Quick note. The valve replacements for the Munchkin cups are about $10.50 including shipping for 3 when purchased at diapers.com. You can also purchase them directly from Munchkin’s site and including shipping it’s about $6 for 3 valves.

  43. Matt says:

    I too couldn’t find online, but contacted tommee tipee directly and they have said they can send out a limited number of spare parts too me. Sounds like the (only) way to go.

  44. Amy says:

    I just called Playtex and they are sending me a replacement lid for the hard spout sippy cup lid that fell into the bottom of the dishwasher during the cycle and melted. Thanks so much for this tip! Saved us buying a new cup. Refreshing to have such wonderful customer service and so pleasant on the phone as well!

  45. leslie mendoza says:

    Thank you so much for this i was able to get my piece replaced.

  46. Brandi Aleman says:

    I need some cups that are pictured at the top of the page as they’re the only kind my special needs daughter likes to drink from. How can i get some more ?