Donate Used Plastic Toys to Kids in Need: Second Chance Toys

Chances are, a few new toys will enter your household within the next three months. It’s a good idea to purge the playroom of outgrown and unwanted toys first. Here’s an idea for what to do with them:

Second Chance Toys rescues thrown away plastic toys, cleans them and then redistributes them to children in need. Started by a teenager in New Jersey, the organization has donated over 100,000 toys to kids in need throughout the northeast. Now they’re expanding to other areas of the country.

Want to donate your toys? Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Make sure your toys

  • are plastic
  • are clean
  • are in working condition
  • have no missing or small parts (cannot fit through a toilet paper roll)
  • include batteries that are fully functioning, if necessary

Step 2: Find a drop off location. Enter your zip here. If there’s not one near you, consider starting your own.

You can also make a monetary donation.

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