6 Great Baby Items Currently Below Buy-It-Now Price

These six popular baby items are currently below my Buy-It-Now price* at Amazon.

The BOB Revolution Duallie stroller has been hovering below BIN price since Thanksgiving. It’s 29% off at $469.99. FYI: New BOB models usually come out in early February. With a few short-lived exceptions, I expect the price on the new Duallie to remain within 15% of list price until November or so.

The BOB Revolution SE single has been hanging out at a very respectable $313.33 (30% off) for just over a month. BIN price is about $320.

The Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper in yellow is at its lowest price ever by Amazon. It’s been 38% off at $37 for about a week now. If last year’s pricing pattern is any indication, the price will go back up soon.

The Fisher-Price Swing to High Chair in Mosaic is also at its lowest price ever at Amazon. It’s 37% off at $94. The price dropped to this level about a week ago. BIN price is about $105. It’s hard to say what this one will do, as I don’t see a discernable pattern in past sale price records.

The price on the Boon Potty Bench Training Toilet with Side Storage just dropped to its lowest level ever at Amazon after spending most of December between $34 and $35. It’s 20% off at $31.81. BIN price is about $36.70. The price on the Boon potty usually doesn’t stay low for long.

The aden + anais Muslin Four Layer Dream Blanket in Jungle Jam Giraffe has gone up a few cents after spending a couple of weeks this month at lowest price ever. It’s now 31% off at $34.42.

*“Buy It Now” prices are what I consider “very good” prices on the item. They’re the best sale prices you can expect to find fairly regularly, based on records of previous sales. Don’t confuse these with the “lowest price ever” price. You may be able to  beat this price if you happen onto a unusually great sale.

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