1 Month Later: Which Toys are Your Kids Still Playing With?

Yup. Christmas was a month ago today. That means it’s time to talk about which of the toys your kids received at the holidays have held their interest and which were duds.

Leave a comment telling us which of the toys your kids got at the 2012 holidays they’re still playing with. Include your kids’ ages, please!

If you like, you can also tell us which toys were duds.

I create the popular Toys that Get Played With lists from your comments, so please chime in!

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  1. Marcie says:

    My 2 year old son still plays with his Duplo Legos and his personalized Mickey Mouse blanket.

  2. Marcie says:

    My 2 year old son didn’t like the Mr. Potato Head, Chuck Truck Play Dough set, and Sodor Oil Depot set for Thomas’ wooden train set.

  3. My 7 year old son is still playing with his Furby! Also the Sorry game he got has gotten a lot of use too!

    My 8 month old son loves his Fisher Price Activity Garden!

  4. Tracey says:

    My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves her Kindle Fire HD. She has played with it every day since she opened it on Christmas morning. She earns an allowance & has even traded her money in so that we can add a new game or song to her Kindle instead. I know that she will love her Kindle for years to come. She keeps telling me that it was the BEST GIFT EVER! Plus my husband and I get to “borrow” it after she goes to bed at night! 🙂

  5. amanda says:

    4.5 month old baby: LOVE the Go Baby Go!™ 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail. She loves looking at herself in the mirror when we put it next to her, causing her to roll onto her side. It starts music and lights every now and then, which brings her attention back to it. It’s awesome!!

  6. Jennifer Riley says:

    My 3 year old girl got a Fisher Price loving family dollhouse, and she loooooves it, still plays with it daily

  7. Brandy says:

    2&4(boy, girl): duplo, instruments, RC cars, trampoline (big winner), musical instruments, playmobil figs, cheapy plastic wagon (to drag toys around), m&d role play dress up, firefighter boots,, slippers, books, Dora dollhouse
    2: puzzles. Omg obsessed. Mickey farmhouse play set. M&d car carrier bizarre and gigantic hit.
    4: homemade hobby horse

    NOT played with: train table. Pretty ticked about that. Really really ticked. That was the most expensive item. My husband selected a really elaborate one (volcano) and I wonder if its too busy or my son is just too young. Both kids’ birthdays are in December, this is a mixed list.

  8. Sarah says:

    My 3-year-old son is OBSESSED with his magna tiles.

  9. Tiffany K says:

    My 3 year old son loves the play kitchen, doll stroller, Candyland, Don’t break the ice, and his hot wheels (pretty much any car or truck imaginable). He also likes his lincoln logs, but we are waiting for some missing pieces to arrive.

    My 21 month old daughter also loves the kitchen, doll stroller, and those Hallmark books that have her grandparents’ voice reading to her.

  10. Tiffany K says:

    oh! and the wooden train set for both kids! my daughter has a shorter attention span, but she likes to do whatever big brother is doing.

  11. Linda says:

    22 month old son still playing with M&D puzzles, leapfrog letter factory phonics, and xylophone. He also loves his radio flyer big red classic ATW wagon…riding in it, pulling it, pushing it, anything.

  12. sara says:

    our boys ages 2.5 and 4.5 are loving the imaginext eagle talon castle dragon, sky racer planes, and thier basic wooden block set (melisa and doug)

  13. Cameron says:

    3 y/o daughter still playing with 24+ piece puzzles and Legos.

    Loved her doll stroller in the beginning, but it’s already forgotten in a corner.

    Likes her Kidzoom camera by VTech okay, but is happy to play with it off.

  14. 6-year-old girl. Still playing with a marble run, LEGOs (LEGO Friends really do increase their interest level for girls), American Girl doll. (Actually, I’m still having fun playing with the marble run, too …)

  15. brandy says:

    almost forgot. 4 yr old girl: doodle bear!

  16. Sarah Meno says:

    My 2 year old daughter is still playing with her Fisher Price little people zoo for over a year now. From the Christmas the tea set and dinosaurs were a big hit. Scarves or as Waldorf people call them play silks were a huge success.

  17. Michele says:

    My 2.5 year old is still playing with LEGOs, 24-piece puzzles and her harmonica.
    My 8 month old is still playing with his LeapFrog Music Table http://www.amazon.com/LeapFrog-Learn-Groove-Musical-Table/dp/B003NX72D4

  18. Jen says:

    My 3 year old still loves his action figures and playmobile stuff. He’s also enjoying his new board games.

  19. Jessica says:

    My 6 year old daughter: new bitty baby accessories and a little tikes crib, panda pillow pet, Legos spaceship lego friends and just a bucket and to be honest she plays mostly with the loose pieces from the bucket the most, and used iPod. The only thing she got that doesn’t get much play was a Mierda doll.

    2 year old son: hasbro toddler transformers, nerf guns, nerf football, leap frog touch magic guitar, mega mind, super hero squad books, and toddler super hero squad guys. The item I don’t like him to play with are some toy guns that look a little too real for my taste

    My 6 month old: we only got him clothes, Sophie the giraffe teether and tub animals toys

  20. KT says:

    11 month old: IQ Baby Busy Box, Munchkin Motzart Magic Cub, Bright Starts Lots of Links, Fischer Price Snap-Lock Beads, any and all board books

    NOT played with: Press ‘n’ Go Inchworm, Uncle Goose letter blocks (I’m frankly shocked by this one, as she was completely enamored by them for weeks – I think she’ll come back to them), Kid-O Go Car

  21. Rosie says:

    My 16-month-old loves the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups. She plays with them every day and in every configuration. Such a clever design and so easy to put all the pieces together into a single ball and take it with us on a trip. She also loves the That’s Not My Monkey board book.

  22. Kim says:

    My 13-month old girl loves the FP Laugh & Learn workbench, Playskool Explore n Grow ball popper and My Busy World activity cube by Alex toys. She’s not that interested in the FP Laugh & Learn tea set.