Read this BEFORE You Shop for Back-to-School Stuff

This article from last year will help you make the most of Back-to-School season:

The back-to-school shopping buzz is already heating up. It makes sense for folks in  my neck of the woods, since we start back in three weeks (!). I know some kids won’t be going back until after Labor Day, however.

Of course, as with all things fashion, the shopping season doesn’t exactly align with our real-world calendars. Should you be worried about missing back-to-school shopping deals before mid July? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Now is a great time to pick up shorts and tees if you need them for back-to-school. They’re on sale or clearance just about everywhere.
  • Expect the good shoe sales we’ve been seeing lately to continue.
  • Even though we’ve started to see them advertised, school uniform sales haven’t really gotten rolling yet. The best online discount I’ve seen so far is around 30% off (at, for example).
  • It’s fine to wait to buy backpacks, lunchboxes school supplies since they’re still mostly at full price in store. Online, I’ve seen 30% off backpacks (also at
  • Sales tax holidays start at the end of July and run through August. See a list of them.

The third week of the July is the true beginning the of back-to-school deal season, according to previous years postings.

  • At that point (perhaps a little earlier, since sales have been running a week or two early all year) you can expect to find kids’ jeans for $10 at stores like and
  • Old Navy typically does a big uniform and backpack sale at the end of July. Look for big discounts on kids’ clothes at Old Navy during the first week of August.
  • Kohls’ BTS sale started during the second week of August last year.
  • Expect some pretty could coupons for shoes, too.

Back-packs and school supplies go on clearance in store just after school starts in your area. If you can wait to buy most of your child’s school supplies until then, you can save up to 75%. Look for backpacks to go on clearance online around the end of August.

If you’re looking for great deals on gently used clothing, fall consignment sale season starts in August, too. Check for sales in your area at The Bargain or

Sales start to wrap up during week three of August as retailers start to clearance fall merchandise to make way for –you guessed it– Halloween costumes.

Tip: Pull up all deals for kids 5 and older in a flash by clicking on the “Hot Deals for Cool Kids (5+)” tab at the top of the blog.

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