10 Hot New Toys for Kids 2-4 [With Buy-It-Now Prices]

The holiday toy books are out, and this year’s crop of fun-looking new toys can be overwhelming. Which will get played with? Which should you skip?

What makes a good toy?

Good toys have certain things in common. They

  • Can be used in more than one way as kids grow and learn.
  • Let kids be creative. They allow kids to create imagined worlds and scenarios.
  • Encourage extended attention. Kids play with them for more than a minute.
  • Foster  skill development. The best toys help kids build language, motor, social or problem solving skils while they play.
  • Appeal to the senses. They’re fun to look at, touch, and listen to.

I’ve pored through the biggest of the books and chosen toys appropriate for tots two to four years old that could easily be contenders for future Toys that Get Played with Lists.

I’ve linked to the toys at Amazon so that you can learn more and read customer reviews. I’m also including Buy-It-Now prices.

“Buy-It-Now” (BIN) prices are what I consider “very good” prices on the item. They’re the best sale prices you can expect to find fairly regularly, based on records of previous sales. Don’t confuse these with the “lowest price ever” price or the current price. You may be able to  beat this price if you happen onto a unusually great sale.

The Toys

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