Free clothes are better than really cheap clothes.

No one can resist buying baby clothes. It will only be a matter of days after you make the big announcement that the first little blue or pink or hard-to-find-gender-neutral outfits arrive on your doorstep. That’s why you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, go out and buy any yourself. Well… maybe just one for the fun of it.

In addition to gifts of brand new booty, we received boxload after boxload of barely-worn baby duds from people we barely know. Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, and more. We have boxes put away full of clothes he’ll wear well after he’s walking. And speaking of which, we also have a drawer full of tiny little shoes without the slightest bit of wear. I understand, now that my son has outgrown his newborn clothes, that it’s best to keep the baby clothes door revolving–a box comes in, a box goes out. Otherwise you’ve got to find a place to store it. And I’d much rather give that box to a pregnant lady–even one I don’t know–than to an impersonal thrift store. So would LOTS of other people, tax deduction be damned.

If you’re donor-challenged, enlist your mom, friends and coworkers to go out and solicit baby clothes. Post a sign in your office lounge, OB’s office, church, wherever someone will let you. People will WANT to give you their old baby clothes, I promise! But be sure to donate what you don’t want to your local women’s shelter or DFACS.

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