10 Baby “Extras” Worth Registering For [Registry 101]

Welcome to part two of BC’s Registry 101 series. In the first part, we discussed baby “needs” that you should put on your registry and how registries can be a real savings tool.

Now let’s talk about baby “extras” that will come in awfully handy during the first month’s of your baby’s life. They’re also great additions to your registry.

10 Baby "Extras" Worth Registering For [Registry 101]10 Popular Baby “Extras” worth Registering For

Baby Carrier – ERGObaby and Beco are popular choices.

Stroller – consider your lifestyle when choosing yours.

Portable Play Yard – can act as a mobile nursery early on. Do pay attention to weight limits, though.

Bouncer – baby bouncers can entertain and soothe your baby. They can also be a convenient place to set your baby down for a second.

Swing – some babies don’t like swings, but for us, the swing was invaluable in helping our newborn sleep. Register for a portable model if you’re short on space or plan on taking it with you anywhere. Plug-in models (generally full-sized swings) can save you big on batteries.

Diaper Bag – you could use your old college backpack to haul around your baby stuff, but who would want to when there are so many cute choices out there (and lots for under $50)?

• Diaper Pail – this one’s entirely skippable (dirty diapers smell no matter where you put them), but many parents find it convenient to have one in the nursery.

Baby Monitor – sound monitors are cheaper, but video monitors can offer a little extra peace of mind.

Nursing Cover – again, a swaddling blanket will do the job if you feel you need privacy while nursing. Nursing covers can be easier to keep in place, though.

Swaddling blankets or swaddling gowns – many young babies feel secure when they’re swaddled. And since you’re not supposed to have blankets in the crib, swaddling gowns can offer the coziness they need

You may think of these as must-haves (and stores’ baby registry guides certainly call them that), but as you’ll read in my book, The Baby Cheapskate Guide To Bargains, they’re really extras. Let’s face it, you can live without them. There’s no denying, though, that the items on this list can make life easier.

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Registry 101: 10 Baby “Needs” worth Registering For

Registry 101: 10 Baby “Needs” worth Registering ForRegistries and baby showers can help parents cut the cost of preparing for baby dramatically— if you know how to do it right. With a little strategizing your registry can be a real money-saving tool.

My best tip for creating a registry is to focus on the items you know you’ll need–especially items that you don’t think you’ll be getting for free or purchasing second-hand.

By registering for essentials, you won’t be stuck handing over money for items you can’t live without while you have a closetful of adorable newborn clothes that will be outgrown in two weeks and rattles that your baby may or may not ever give a shake about. Here are more suggestions for your registry:

Registry 101: 10 Baby “Needs” worth Registering For10 Baby “Needs” worth Registering For:

  • Crib
  • Crib Mattress
  • Crib Bedding
  • Diapers (cloth or disposable) / wipes
  • Formula (if you plan to use it)
  • Breast pump (if not covered by your health insurance)
  • Bottles
  • Disposable or washable breast pads
  • Car seat
  • Baby thermometer
Where to Register?

When deciding where to register, look for a store with a great selection, low prices, a generous return policy, and free shipping (if online).

Baby Cheapskate readers are big fans of Amazon.com’s Universal Registry, which lets you add items from any retailer in addition to Amazon’s items. Amazon also lets you prioritize items on your registry–a super helpful feature.

Right now there’s a little extra incentive to create a registry at Amazon: If you create a registry at Amazon and add ten items, you’ll be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card in the Amazon Baby Registry Sweepstakes. One winner will be chosen each week.

In the next Registry 101 post, I’ll discuss baby gear “extras” that make fab additions to your baby registry. In the meantime, browse  a bunch of BC readers’  top registry picks over at Pinterest.

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