12 at $11 or Under: Cute Easter Gifts for Babies and Kids

Looking for Easter basket ideas that won’t break the bank (or cause cavities)? Here are 10 picks for $10 or under at Amazon. I’ve included a few more under $15 that I just couldn’t leave out.

Kids Under 3

Kids 3 and Up

Over $11, But too cute to leave out


Etsy Faves and Craves: Handmade Easter Goodies

In my previous post, 11 at $11 or Under: Cute Easter Gifts for Babies and Kids, I featured a bunch of cute treats that you can pick up at Amazon, Target, or wherever.

But what if you’re looking for something unique or handmade for your child’s Easter basket? Maybe even something your little one will want to pass on to his or her kids? I’ve got you covered there, too.

Check out my Pinterest board Etsy Faves and Craves: Easter for more than a dozen adorable handmade bunnies, duckies, chicks and more available at everyone’s favorite handmade goods website starting at $4.50.