6 Fun, Cheap and Easy Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Kids

6 Fun, Cheap and Easy Ideas for Celebrating New Year's Eve with Kids

It’s New Years Eve! As you know, once you have kids New Years Eve takes on a whole new meaning.

Last year my son, who was six, stayed up until midnight for the first time. We watched TV and played a game or two. I had always though of NYE as a celebration for grown ups, but it was actually kind of fun to ring in the new year with my kiddo.

This year we know what to expect. We’ve got snack foods, even more games, and a movie lined up. We’ve even making New Years Eve cut out sugar cookies (we never quite got around to making them at Christmas). Here are even more great ideas for a kid-friendly New Years Eve with kids. They’re simple and they’re free!

  • Make a collage from photos, ticket stubs and programs that celebrates fun family activities from the past year.
  • Bundle up and use the Google Sky app (we love it) to check out the stars.
  • Come midnight, blow bubbles and/or stomp on bubble wrap to celebrate. It’s way safer than fireworks and easier to clean up than confetti.
What are your favorite family friendly New Years Eve activities and traditions?

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